“So you want to hear a story? Well, I used to know a whole lot of pretty interesting ones. Some of them so funny you’d laugh yourself unconscious, others so terrible you’d never want to repeat them. But I can’t remember any of those. So I’ll just tell you about the time I found that lost thing….”
― Shaun Tan, The Lost Thing

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘picturebook’? Do you think of children? Often this is the case. However, Shaun Tan is one of many contemporary famous authors who demonstrate the ability to crush this preconception.

Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing, is a picturebook that was written with no audience age in mind. Everyone and anyone can gain something from picking up and looking at this inspirational creation. Perhaps, you are reading my post right now and thinking ‘I am just too busy to sit around reading picturebooks!’ If this is what you are thinking, you are the person I advise read The Lost Thing the most.

Food for thought.

“So you want to…

Take on the world, let your passions drive you to success!

Take on the world, let your passions drive you to success!

Do you have a desire to write, to learn or to educate other growing beings? Do you look over the vast ocean of rocky waves that is life and think, ‘I want to make a difference’? Good. Never let that passion go. Let it be your fuel as you take on any challenge life sets you.

I believe that we are all born with a natural desire to succeed in this forever changing world. As we grow this desire transforms into passions, and these passions are what drive us to succeed. Lets nurture these passions, and let the nature of writing, learning and sharing our knowledge through teaching take over.

We are social creatures of the world, so lets grow together and share our passion of writing and education!