POETRY: Paralysation


I drifted freely through the air,

Content with never quite being caught,

Then I eased into your love and care,

My untrained heart began to be taught.


No label slammed upon my head,

And with a brave smile you agreed to it all,

Cadged like a bird was what I had dread,

But, your strength began to fall.


As we went on with the same routines,

You yearned to hold and to have me,

So, you burnt and stamped down your feelings,

‘Cause I was content with leaving it be.


We acted like lovers, some called us cute,

At times you believed my actions,

They weren’t a lie but I hid the truth,

My thoughts became personal captions.


Eventually it came, we both feel the same!

As my heart became unhidden,

I poured out my soul and offered you tame,

The lion into a kitten.


Then came the shock, the heartbreak, the rock,

That caused the realisation,

That you had stamped, burnt, and had got,

Into a state of paralysation.


It took me too long, to open my heart,

You can’t make yourself trust this action,

Now we’re back to just friends, with time apart,

Feelings undergoing retraction.


The lesson learnt here, is that the fear,

Can halt you in your path,

So hurdle and jump when you’re so near,

To find true happiness at last.


By Jody Dontje

8 thoughts on “POETRY: Paralysation

  1. Rupesh says:

    Outstanding, awesome and straight to the heart.

  2. Akhiz says:

    I poured out my soul and offered you tame, The loin into a kitten, what a line, you beautifully wrote this Jody… Kudos.

  3. seanbidd says:

    How’s the music today?

    • Jody Dontje says:

      Hi Sean,

      Music is still a major part of my life, but I do not play music as much anymore. As life opens up new doors, I have sadly left a lot of my performing days behind. However, one day I definitely will return to it.

      Sincerely Jody

      • seanbidd says:

        Play when ever and where ever music feels right in company and conversation. It doesn’t have to be about performance, as good company can be far more like rain and sunshine across a few minutes..

  4. Leslie says:

    What most impresses me about this poem is its candidness with respect to all of the emotions involved when two people fall in love. At the same time that you’re describing this “paralysation,” the trepidation of baring the soul (“At times you believed my actions, They weren’t a lie but I hid the truth,”), you’re also exposing your heart, abandoning it to an incredibly vulnerable state (“I poured out my soul and offered you tame, The lion into a kitten.”). Bravo Jody!

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