EDUCATION EDITION: Want more followers?

WANT MORE FOLLOWERS? Here’s some hints that may help! 


Firstly, let me say a MASSIVE HELLO to you all (my fellow writing and education enthusiasts),

If you are new, welcome to the World of Blogging, and what an exciting journey you have embarked on! If you have been apart of this online world for awhile, then congratulations on your progress so far, and may your journey continue to grow more and more successful.

If you are reading this with a fiery passion in your belly, that sizzles and sparks with every new idea that comes about in your mind, then I say you are already on your way to becoming a successful online writer! These passions start off as desires, and then grow until they are what truly makes us happy in this forever changing world. Never, and I don’t usually throw this word around, but NEVER let anyone convince you to completely throw away these passions. They are what makes you great, they are what makes you alive, and what makes you unique as a human being.

If you don’t feel this such passion, then hopefully after reading this Education Edition, and after giving the blogging world a far chance, you might find it.


Now, without further ado, let me share some of my hints to help you grow your blogs success:

1) Write with Desire and to Inspire:

This may seem obvious, but as we begin to drown under the growing level of work and commitments that life flows towards us, we sometimes can write for the sake of writing, without enough thought. When we read an online blogging piece, we don’t necessarily know much about the author. Therefore, ensure that when you write, you let your passion drive the right words from your mind and into worldly view. If you are in a particular mindset, and lingering in a certain mood, then write to accommodate. What truly inspires a reader, is reading a piece that you can tell was written carefully, and with true emotion behind it. Success starts with us.

2) Write Regularly:

It may be difficult, and trust me, I know. Life has a tendency to steal our mind away from the pure enjoyment of lingering in imagination. Sometimes all we want is to write, but we never have the time. Well, my fellow writer, here’s a cliché for you, never say never. There is ALWAYS time, even if it just before bed, or first thing in the morning. If it is on a break that for the life of us should be longer, in between classes, in the doctors waiting area, at the playground with the children, on a bus, at the beach, or even in the shower! You would be surprised of when the best ideas may come to mind. To this I say, therefore, keep a pen and paper at the ready! Or even a phone or another electronic device, just always have something there to capture your creativity, and then edit and share with the online world!

3) Scroll and Support:

The blogging world is somewhat, to an extent, a give and get environment. Make yourself scroll down the newsfeed; read, like, comment and support other passionate beings! This is, after all, a collaborative world. Life is hard enough without the support of other growing beings and you’d be surprised how much support you receive if you give out your time to others, and not just expect others to give theirs.

4) Follow:

If you want supporters (followers), do you really believe they don’t want the same? I’m not saying press follow for every single being who you discover online, but I am saying that if you find a piece you like, if you are inspired by someone, then FOLLOW THEM! Why hide away like a silent stalker? Let yourself be known, follow others! This will truly work in your favour, as well, when your name becomes more familiar to more readers.

5) Special Space:

Your blog page and avatar is your own. Make it yours! As readers we like to know the people who we are truly inspired by.

– Personal Description:  Write a captivating and thought provoking description of yourself. Add in some interesting facts about yourself to make readers interested, or better yet, inspire them to ask questions. You want them to want to contact you!

– Avatar Photo: Choose an appropriate picture to represent you, avoid embarrassing selfies! Keep a level of professionalism. If you have done something truly inspiring and have a picture to show it, then why not share this with the blogging world! Don’t be a stranger!

– Widgets: Add more widgets to help you gain followers. For example, enable the email subscription widget, to allow non-blogging members to still support you through email. Personalise your space with widgets that aid your online writing goals.

– Navigation: Indeed this is a very important one! Do not have loud music or distracting images rushing around. Have an easy to navigate site that doesn’t leave the reader in a state of utter confusion, or shock when music blares suddenly out of their speakers. You want the reader to have a positive experience with your site, not feel the quick need to exit completely and never return. Yes, personalise your space, but do not forget a level of professionalism, and don’t lose your common-sense with it’s layout.

Safety Consideration: This is still an online environment where you don’t know the people on the other side of the screen, and, therefore, still be cautious of the information you do share. This includes pictures, and information about your exact location. Bank details and important passwords, of course, are completely off the sharing option list. Also, do not private email someone who do not have a very well supported blog. Even then, be cautious. Finally, NEVER meet up in person without careful precaution and consideration (such as taking a friend to a very public place).


Thank-you all for taking the time to read the FIRST Education Edition from The Nature of Writing and Education. I hope I have helped, and feel free to contact me if you have further inquiries or difficulty. Finally, feel free to SUPPORT MY SITE too, and I will look forward to seeing your growth as a writer.


Sincerely Jody Dontje

12 thoughts on “EDUCATION EDITION: Want more followers?

  1. Thank you for being so supportive of my blog recently. I have noticed and appreciate it. I have been testing out some new types of content (like music) on smiles in the sky and am very greatful for the feedback I have gotten on recent posts by several bloggers (including yourself.) I just wanted to say thanks!

    Great tips by the way. I quite agree.


    • Jody Dontje says:


      That is absolutely no problems at all! As I have stated previously, I am willing to support passionate beings who have the desire to write, and am so glad to have your support as well! Glad you liked my first published Education Edition.

      Sincerely Jody

  2. elephantthrown says:

    This is interesting for me firstly because I am working on some commercial art projects and have been carefully considering how I’m going to use wordpress (if at all) for unscrupulous retail promotion! In the end I’m not, but it did make me think heavily about why people have liked or kindly followed my blog – I often follow folk who I think are interesting and beautiful characters although obviously it’s the quality of their work that has brought me to them in the first place

    As you understand doing your BA, I could not have published my blog when I still worked with children (imagine if they found it!) in that regard as you say professionalism is important not only to maximising your followers with quality work, and holding a responsibility for your views, but also your personal representation for organisations you want to be a part of.

    Finally thanks for throwing on the paragraph about safety, it’s so important. Not many stalkers go for the 6ft 3 late twenties male beardy type and so with obvious precaution about my home I would have no problem with meeting a follower who got in touch passing through my city. But there are a huge amount of vulnerable groups, teenagers in particular, on wordpress. And again the wisdom of avoiding fraud, it always strikes me how much effort social media sites have put into collecting dates of birth, phone numbers, home addresses, email, publishing your location… just an innocent post complaining about a particular bank could be very interesting to someone looking.

    rant over ha, thanks

    • Jody Dontje says:


      Thank-you for taking the valuable time out of your day to write such a thoughtful and long response to my first Education Edition. I really appreciate the support, and am so privileged to have followers, such as yourself, who agree with my opinions and respond well to my written pieces. Furthermore, it means a lot. Looking forward to keeping in touch!

      Sincerely Jody

  3. Jody, this is a great post! Pretty informative that I learned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and enthusiasm with us!

    • Jody Dontje says:

      Hi again,

      Thank-you! Appreciate it! I thought I would try a more educational post to help my viewers in a different way, and am so glad you have received it well!

      Sincerely Jody

  4. StoryTeller says:

    Thanks for liking my recent post, all encouragement gratefully received. Some very good advice here too. Please note that I am now following you! :)

  5. Great practical advice Jody, thank you for sharing.

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