POETRY and PERSONAL POST: Breathless Break

Breathless Break

I see children sliding down a rich green slide,

While a blind boy plays piano with his mother by his side.

There’s buzzing, laughs, screams and cheeps,

As little brown birds hop around at my feet.


I feel the rays of golden sun as a breeze,

Swirls lightly around, I see dancing leaves.

As the music escalates, lingering laughs rise,

A pure level of delight, an atmosphere energised.


By Jody Dontje


~ Hi fellow Writing and Education Enthusiasts!

It has been too very long, I must say. Not only have I missed the peaceful feeling of becoming immersed in writing and imagination, I have missed being here, as we support each others passions. I have been busy enjoying a much needed heavenly Summer, while I volunteer, work and see important members of my life. I hope you have all been well!

I am happy to say I am back for 2014! A year for traveling, studying, supporting, growing, exploring, and writing!

I hope you enjoyed my poem, Breathless Break, which was written in my lunchbreak outside, in this magical moment.


Sincerely Jody

19 thoughts on “POETRY and PERSONAL POST: Breathless Break

  1. for some reason i tried reading this with only taking one breath, definitely was a breathless break for me, good luck with the new year :)

  2. Nice to hear about others penning down their thoughts during such ordinary times as a lunchbreak. A happy vision poem. Hve a good one.

    • Jody Dontje says:

      Hi again,

      Thank-you for your comment, indeed it is sometimes the simple things in life that are so special. Make the most of every moment. Happy 2014 to you!

      Sincerely Jody

  3. Rupesh says:

    True. the most vibrant sources of energy are children! Lovely poem. welcome back. God bless.

  4. Welcome back. It’s nice to see your post :)

  5. Welcome back! It is difficult to be away from a love…any love…absence makes the heart grow fonder! :)

    • Jody Dontje says:

      Hi Mark,

      Very truthful words! Thank-you, it really is great to be back! Hope 2014 has treated you well so far. We will follow each others journey this year!

      Sincerely Jody

  6. barn7777 says:

    Lovely poem reflecting on the better things in life–here’s to a wonderful 2014!

  7. wordzmith12 says:

    I like your poem. Write it or paste it in “text” mode if you want to make it single-spaced… (I finally learned that from another blogger a few weeks ago) –keep it up!!!

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