POETRY: Risk in the Abyss

Risk in the Abyss

Leap into the abyss,

Take a risk,

Here’s a chance that cannot be missed.


A heart is protected,


A soul that has been affected.


It started with a kiss,

No resist,

But, now doubt begins to insist.


Fear and thoughts can wreck it,


Expose your faults like you’re naked.


Don’t resist happiness,

Take a risk,

Let them help you rid of the mess.


By Jody Dontje

~ Don’t let fears steal away happiness.



24 thoughts on “POETRY: Risk in the Abyss

  1. Dayle says:

    Beautiful thoughts Jody :)

  2. Olufunke Kolapo says:

    I really love this piece. I pray I can step out of the shadow of my fear.

  3. This poem brings to mind some friends who were lovers many years back. And because they did not succumb to the criticisms of their friends and relatives who disagreed with their betrothal, they are still happily married today after 40 years. Have a wonderful holiday.

    • Jody Dontje says:


      Thank-you so very much for taking the time to comment. That response to my poem is appreciated, and indeed it is about taking that risk with being in a commitment. What a wonderful outcome for those friends. Have a safe and pleasurable holiday!

      Sincerely Jody

  4. Nectarfizz says:

    I like this one. It has an intriguing by-play of wording and I enjoy that very much. I love the way words interact and bounce off one another.

  5. iglinson says:

    I love this. If you don’t take risk, you will never do something new; you will always remain were you are

    • Jody Dontje says:


      Thank-you! Exactly, we need to take risks to move forward. That is a part of life, and though it may be daunting at times, it is also what makes life so exciting!

      Sincerely Jody

  6. seanbidd says:

    An abyss will always depend on how much gravity you give it, weighted to its own soul, one can skate ice thinner than the possible, for an abyss is no black-hole Loved the exploration above!

  7. sallysuccess says:

    Happy New Year Jody. I think for 2014 I will follow your advice not to resist happiness. I will embrace it. Wish you a happy week.

    • Jody Dontje says:


      It means a lot that my words can make a change, I am very proud of you! Happiness is always an arm stretch away, we just have to go for it! A positive mind is important for survival.

      Sincerely Jody

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