POETRY: Moments


I wish my eyes were a camera,

Capturing moments for all to see.

An instance of pure happiness,

Or of devastation and misery.


Those times of heightened emotion,

Whether they be good or bad.

To either make another feel better,

Or to help someone feel glad.


We all have struggles to overcome,

So sharing them can be an aid,

To those who feel quite alone,

Who feel somewhat afraid.


Then sometimes we just need to cheer them up,

Let them see the good in the world.

Oh, I wish my eyes were a camera,

To show we live on a pearl!


Life is precious, and the land is alive,

We need to work together to survive,

We should help each other to see the light,

To say ‘yes’ instead of ‘I might’.


By Jody Dontje

8 thoughts on “POETRY: Moments

  1. Stefan Sprinckmoller says:

    That was beautiful! Congrats

  2. seanbidd says:

    Our frame to the world, our eyes’ visions, to close them and have us transported back in time, with the simple touch or feel to something. To follow scents trans-versing on a breeze, to close our eyes, and cycle through the photographs of our mind. Do you remember the sounds as they filled the waves, the falling water, forests deeper than the mind, within the past to moments sighted. Oh, how might we describe without projection in the visual to instances shared, when not experienced, these companions to the living conversation, each small in part to find a story cascading in different places, spaces in between the alive to the harsh, tales to the vast.

    You’re right, there is so much to the the tangle of earth, water, and life we stroll upon, with so many of us seeing, experiencing only fractions of fractions as we stand too close to such a small, but vast place, many miss noticing the slow dwindle to the fade. Incredible interpretation to the sharing in moments, and help to one another.

    • Jody Dontje says:

      Hi Sean,

      I have to thank-you with tender kindness. That was an incredible comment that I very much appreciate.

      You took the time to write such a fluent and interesting response, and it was beautiful to read.

      I hope that we can follow each other and support our growth as writers and educators.

      Sincerely Jody

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