MUSIC: Escapism

A very grateful hello to my followers and potential followers,

Music. The sweet pure sound of rhythmic beats and alterations in volume and pitch. Who else loves this amazing creation? An avenue of escape, that takes us away to a whole new world. There are songs that explain exactly how we feel, songs that describe an exact moment that we have lived through, and songs that simply set our minds into a happy place of escape from a busy lifestyle.

I am currently pushing through the last of my major assignments for the year, before starting my placement at a Primary School, in only 61 hours! But, who’s counting? As the pressure of University study, as well as, work and volunteer commitments rise, I have a growing gratitude for the escapist creation, that is music.

Lets all take a few seconds to appreciate a world full of music,

Sincerely Jody

4 thoughts on “MUSIC: Escapism

  1. I’ve just been listening to some of my favourite Eric Clapton numbers on You Tube and thinking the same thoughts as yourself! How amazing it is that an artist so poetically portrays what we all may feel. Shared experience through music.x

    • Jody Dontje says:


      I’m glad you agree with me! It is true that we share so many similar memories with other growing beings. To capture a shared moment through poetic words and inspirational music, is such a magnificent thing.

      Sincerely Jody

  2. Kev says:

    I love music. :D

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